Museum of Walloon Life

Museum of Walloon LifeMuseum of Walloon LifeMuseum of Walloon LifeMuseum of Walloon Life

Access for the disabled

Since its reopening in 2008, the Museum has offered more convenience and better accessibility for disabled and has decided to adopt a more diversified program for everyone !

We welcome disabled by offering facilities access inside and outside the Museum

Getting here

The parking lot (at the back of the Museum)

the disabled parking space
  • A disabled parking space is available in the back of the Museum (in ‘La Cour Chamart'). If you are Blue Badge holder and plan to visit us or take part to one of our activities /events, you may take advantage of this space.

  • If you are to be accompanied by a driver, the car will have to be parked on an appropiriate parkplace.

Your are accompanying a group

The doorbell outide the restaurant

If you plan to visit us, please call and tell us you're accomanying desabled. Don't hesitate to ask anything you need and precise as much as possible what you wish. Your questions will help us to organize your visit from your arrival until departure.

  • From Tuesday till Sunday (opening days), feel free to ring the doorbell outside the restaurant, just in front of the desabled parking space. Restaurant's staff will open the door and call the guards who'll take you to the ticket desk.

  • Don't forget to ask for your ticket !

You're a single visitor

  • The second entrance is at the rear of the Museum and located in ‘La Cour Chamart' in the back of the building.

  • The Museum is wheelchair accessible. Some spaces inside the key exhibition might be smaller and allow one wheelchair at a time. Please, be patient !

  • We can provide a wheelchair. Please, ask the ticket desk or call the Museum to book it in advance. You need to be accompanied ? Ask the guards, they will help you !

Practical information

Wide storage spaces (cloakroom)
  • Toilets and washing facilities : fully-equipped wheelchair-accessible toilets are available in the Basement. You may use the fully glazed lift to get there.
    Please, note that baby changing facilities are available inside these toilets.

  • Cloakroom : two types of storage compartments are available in the Basement. Single visitors need a coin to open them. Keep the key and memorize the number of your storage compartment. You'll get your coin back when leaving.
    Wider storage spaces for groups and disabled are also available. They might be open on demand ! Please, ask the staff at the ticket desk.

Inside the Museum : the key exhibition
  • The fully glazed lift : will allow you to admire the neighbourhood while reaching the second floor where the visit starts ! Space inside the lift may feature two wheeling chairs at a time. If the group does exceed 15 persons, ask for help. Guards will kindly help you !
  • Inside the key exhibition : the Museum is wheelchair accessible but you may find some smaller spaces because of the scenography. Please, be patient !
Cpyrights FTPL 2013-2014
  • Le Cloître - Restaurant : located on the ground floor with easy access, this restaurant provides a waiter service and wide spaces for weelchairs to settle.
    You can book your table and dinner. Please, check our regional and seasonal dishes and summer salad cards for more informations.

    Contact : +32(0)4/279.20.25 –
  • Ticket desk & Museum shop : both are loacted on the groundfloor. The staff will be pleased to welcome you and answer your questions !
    Read the Museum shop page to get more informations!

In March 2014, the Museum has been approved by ‘Access-i' as a Museum offering facilities for disabled.


Doorbell outside the restaurant
Museum shop
The inside court
Ticket desk
Restaurant & café