Museum of Walloon Life

Museum of Walloon LifeMuseum of Walloon LifeMuseum of Walloon LifeMuseum of Walloon Life


Most of our exhibitions are mainly open in French! But some guiding tours and activities may be available in your language on-demand! The catalogues give you more accurate informations about the exhibitions that take & took place in the Museum!

Jardin du Paradoxe

Two spaces are devoted to our temporaries exhibitions: the second floor special area and the St. Anthony's church. These exhibitions may be 'home-made' productions or collaborations with other museums in the world!

Don't miss our new exhibition 'Le Jardin du Paradoxe - Regards sur le Cirque Divers à Liège' - Since Feb. 17 until August 16, 2018!

'A Contemporary Art Exhibition : Intangible Materials'
'Murder & Manslaughter'
'Youth' Touch'
'Attic sale' / 'Life in the attic'
'Women : Silences & cries of revolt'
'M@de in Liège' (Art & Fashion)
'Design & Nature'
'Reciprocity' (Design exhibition)
'République Libre d'Outre-Meuse : 75 years'
'Gratia Dei'
'A hat's life. A heat for every head?'
'Open Airs'
'The Outgoing Museum of Walloon Life'
'Liège dans la tourmente' (14-18)
'Star Toy'
'Star Toy'
'Star Toy'
'Star Toy'
'Au nom du FOOT'
Star Toy'