Most of our exhibitions are mainly open in French! But some guiding tours and activities may be available in your language on-demand! The catalogues give you more accurate informations about the exhibitions that take & took place in the Museum!

'Au nom du FOOT' (untill December 3, 2017)

Two spaces are devoted to our temporaries exhibitions: the second floor special area and the St. Anthony's church. These exhibitions may be 'home-made' productions or collaborations with other museums in the world!

Don't miss our exhibition 'Au nom du FOOT' - Until December 3, 2017!

Galerie photos

'A Contemporary Art Exhibition : Intangible Materials'
'Murder & Manslaughter'
'Youth' Touch'
'Attic sale' / 'Life in the attic'
'Women : Silences & cries of revolt'
'M@de in Liège' (Art & Fashion)
'Design & Nature'
'Reciprocity' (Design exhibition)
'République Libre d'Outre-Meuse : 75 years'
'Gratia Dei'
'A hat's life. A heat for every head?'
'Open Airs'
'The Outgoing Museum of Walloon Life'
'Liège dans la tourmente' (14-18)
'Star Toy'
'Star Toy'
'Star Toy'
'Star Toy'
'Au nom du FOOT'
Star Toy'