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In addition to the Museum itself, we always present new exhibitions.

"SUPER-PUPPETS, the exhibition in which you are the SUPERHERO!"

'Super Puppets' (Promotional Poster)

From 06/26 - 12/31/2018

There's panic in the puppet world! The devil has opened the gates of hell, and Nanesse has been abducted by terrifying creatures. The puppets need some superheroes to help Tchantchès save the day.

You could be one of them! To succeed, you will have to travel through six strange worlds populated by puppets and pass through trials of strength and skill. Like in a video game, you'll only be able to access the next world if you manage to find the hidden clue.

You'll face the recklessness of Chivalry, the magic of Fairy Tales, the madness of the Laboratory, the bewitchment of the Shadows, the illusion of the Screens and finally, the terror of Hell.

If you complete all the trials successfully, you'll be able to rescue Nanesse and send the devil back to where he came from.

Designed for the young and the young at heart, SUPER-PUPPETS is a game-style exhibition in which the player/visitor learns while having fun. An original way to discover this rich and diverse heritage. The exhibition presents the Museum's own collection of rod, glove, shadow and string puppets and items from other museums such as the Musées Gadagne in Lyon, the Centre de la marionnette de Tournai, the Musée d'Histoire Contemporaine in Paris and the Museum aan de Stroom in Antwerp…

Practical informations

From Tuesday to Sunday : 9.30 - 18.00

Monday only by reservation for groups

Closed on November 1 and December,25

Access for the disabled

Free : first Sunday of the month

Adults : 5 €

Students – Seniors : 4 €

Children : 3 €

Tickets online :

Informations & reservations : +32(0)4/279.20.16

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"Le Jardin du Paradoxe - Regards sur le Cirque Divers à Liège"

Original poster of the exhibition, 2018

From 02/17 - 08/16/2018

The Province of Liège is nowadays the depositary of the "Cirque Divers" heritage, of its collection and
of its archives. In the 80s and 90s, the Cirque Divers was a place of cultural and artistic production in
the Outremeuse (En Roture) district, the heart of the history of Liège, cabaret theatre and art gallery.
The exhibition will be peppered with meetings, seminars, conferences, performances, parties,
workshops, concerts, processions and debates. A catalogue published by Yellow Now will accompany
the exhibition.

The "Cirque Divers" (Liège) was born in 1977 and finally died in 1999. It was a place of Paradox and
of universal Lie: open, activist, experimental and anti-establishment. It was a unique experience in
the area of art and culture or counterculture, a great and joyful hurly-burly, rowdy and inopportune,
and of course always "Of a certain cheerfulness".

Born from a will of theatricalizing everything and, in a very situationist spirit, of "spectacularising"
down to our daily activities, it was Fluxus in its own way, it invested the field of performances, adopted
a Panic spirit, practised a very pataphysic style and promoted the minor arts in a major way. The
funnel of the "Cirque Divers" absorbed, concentrated and discussed the ideas of the moment,
multiplied the fields of activity, goaded the authorities. As a real hydropathic cabaret where up to
hundred different beers were served, festive and wacko, it was concerned about creation in all areas
– visual arts, music, performing arts, literature and poetry – as well as about lifelong learning, defining
its attitudes in a very rare way.

Amongst the participating artists…

Pierre Alechinsky - Michel Antaki - Laurie Anderson - Fernando Arrabal - Glen Baxter - Silvana
Belletti - BEN Vautier - Jan Bucquoy - Jacques Charlier - Hervé Di Rosa - Robert Filliou - Sophie
Langohr - Jacques Lennep - Jacques Lizène - Capitaine Lonchamps - Marcel Mariën - Benjamin
Monti - ORLAN - Pol Pierart - André Stas - Lydia Schouten - Daniel Spoerri - Roland Topor -
Geneviève Van der Wielen - Denyse Willem - Marie Zolamian

Practical informations

"Le Jardin du Paradoxe - Regards sur le Cirque Divers à Liège"

Musée de la Vie Wallonne (Liège) - Cour des Mineurs - B-4000 Liège – T +32(0)04/279.20.31

Curator of the exhibition : Jean-Michel Botquin
Coordinator of the exhibition: Caroline Coste -


• Hélène van den Wildenberg - CaracasCOM,
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• France LEFEBVRE, Responsable for Communication, service Culture Province de Liège – Ph.+32(0)4 232 87 22 – GSM+32(0)475 94 92 80
• Quentin HEYLEN, Press agent of Paul-Émile MOTTARD, Provincial deputy – President – Ph.+32(0)4 237 97 05–GSM+32(0)474 65 09 83

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