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Museum of Walloon LifeMuseum of Walloon LifeMuseum of Walloon LifeMuseum of Walloon Life

Les 2017 : July 1 - August 30

"Les" is the "Summer refreshing event" at the Museum! It features many different cultural activities and events including live classic & jazz music performances, training periods for children, puppet theatre plays both for children & adults, visits, cultural strolls and funny activities for families.

Les - 2017 Summer Edition

Check this page! If most of the activities are in French, some events like concerts & cultural strolls around the Museum for single visitors and families are open to the international public! Contents of these events are available in English on demand!

For further informations, please, check the 2017 programm (in French).

Les Estivales 2017
Puppet theatre
Exhibition : 'Au nom du FOOT'
Summer music festival during 'Les Estiavles 2017'
Puppet Theatre
Les apéros FOOT
Au nom du FOOT