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'Au nom du FOOT'

Would football (soccer), the most popular sport of the planet, have become a religion?

Au nom du FOOT (Poster)

Until 12/03/2017

Before Moscow Liège is welcoming a wide-ranging international exhibition dedicated to the football phenomenon.

Football lovers, determined supporters or simply curious people, “Au nom du foot” (In the name of football”), is intended for everybody. A priori football world and religion world have got nothing in common. But on closer inspection we can see that both worlds have got a lot of strong rituals and offer shared experiences. Moreover the language is similar: admiration, saviours, saints and even gods. Because of the questions asked and the experiences it proposes “Au nom du FOOT” makes it possible to understand the collective passion of football that is transmitted from generation to generation.

Don't miss the opportunity to discover that surprising exhibition in a former church in the middle of an exceptional architectural group of buildings in the historical heart of Liège.

The exhibition is fully translated.

Create and discover your Panini sticker inside the exhibition!


Informations : +32(0)4/279.20.31 - Tickets online :

Opening time : from Tuesday to Sunday - 9.30 am to 6.00 pm

Closed : 11/01

Access for disabled people Free access

Adults : 5 €

Students-seniors : 4 €

Children : 3 €

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Free every first Sunday of the month

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