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2. The cabinet of curiosities

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Catalog dedicated to the exhibition "The cabinet of curiosities"

The collection of Jehay Castle's art works comes from legacies, gifts and purchases collected in the 20th century by the last private owner of the estate, Count Guy van den Steen of Jehay, and his wife Irish origin, Lady Moyra Butler. Of great diversity, it presents not only prestigious objects in the fields of painting, goldsmithery or furniture, but also a lot of "strange" and exotic objects.

To render justice to the variety and "otherness" of this collection, the form and theme of the cabinets of curiosities were convened to create a scenography faithful to the original spirit of the count. This book proposes to return to the fascinating history of cabinets of curiosities, conceived at a time when science, art and crafts did not yet fall into compartmentalized categories. Through the presentation of the characteristics of these places fallen into disuse during the invention of museums, it is the objects of Jehay that are considered and put forward.

This exhibition and the publication that accompanies it invite the reader to better know the collection of works of art of the castle of Jehay, but also to dream as formerly dreamed the far away in the cabinets of curiosities.

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