Castle Jehay

Castle JehayCastle JehayCastle JehayCastle Jehay

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01. Historic context

Château de Jehay © G Destexhe Province de Liège

01. Historic context

Jehay castle is an iconic building, famous for its draughtboard, its idyllic location and its collection of works of art.

Its oldest part dates back to the middle of the 16th century. It was redesigned many times, enlarged, transformed over the ages and by the different families who owned it. Its current configuration is mainly the result of the extensive works carried out in the 19th century.

Following the death of the last private owner, Count Guy van den Steen de Jehay, the Province de Liège became the sole owner of the site. It now dedicates the necessary human and financial resources to managing the site, making it accessible to the public, maintaining and developing it.