Castle Jehay

Castle JehayCastle JehayCastle JehayCastle Jehay

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06. The castle’s restoration: Phase I

Château de Jehay © Province de Liège

06. The castle’s restoration: Phase I

Since its last major restoration, more than 150 years, the castle has gradually deteriorated and must now be the subject of a major restoration campaign.

The first phase of this extensive project concerns the envelope (facades, roofs, carpentry), classified as Wallonia exceptional heritage. From the replacement of the external joinery to the new roof covering, not forgetting the repair or replacement of sandstone, limestone or lime masonry, it is the general structure of the building that will be restored to withstand time.

Therefore, the Province of Liège, with the support of the Walloon Heritage Agency, has pledged 5,000,000 Euros to return this Mosan architectural gem to all its glory. Expected to take 500 working days starting on 5 November 2017, this first phase of the project is due to end in 2020.