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Château de Jehay

Château de Jehay Château de Jehay Château de Jehay Château de Jehay

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Un chantier majeur

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The restoration of a building and, a fortiori, a classified building, is a multidisciplinary undertaking that brings together historians, architects, engineers, craftsmen and entrepreneurs with a common objective: to pass on a heritage to future generations and Adaptation to contemporary imperatives. This exceptional visit takes you to discover this heritage, the men who created it and those who bring it back to life. From checkered facades to vaulted cellars, from wood to stone, walk through the bowels of the castle and the history of its construction.

Practical arrangements :

Includes: guided tour of the estate, the two exhibitions and the film

Availability: year-round

Duration of visit: 2h00 Schedule: to be agreed upon at registration

Prices: 4 euros per person + Package of 50 euros for the guide

20 people maximum per guide

Material: clothing adapted to the weather


Castle of Jehay

Street of the park, 1/4540 Amay

Tel: +32 (0) 85 82 44 00 / Fax: +32 (0) 85 82 44 18 /


Your request must be received 10 days before the day of the visit. Upon receipt of your reservation, a confirmation letter will be sent to

The institution or the group leader.

Parking available for coaches.

The visit is available in FR, NL, DE and EN.

Download the registration form here!