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The "Aëlig" comic book: 2000 years of (hi)stories and excitement on the edge of the Meuse.

Two thousand years for one day...

Like other Northern Gaulish tribes, the Eburons make another attempt at resisting the Roman invader. Before Erwan leaves for battle, Aëlig, an apprentice priestess, shares with him a protective medal and eternal love.
Alas, the revolt goes badly. Aëlig flees into the forests on the edge of the Meuse, uses sorcery in order to turn herself into a tree-fairy. From there, tense with anxiety, she goes on to see her lover return at different eras and under variations on his name: Erwin, Yvain, Yvan, Yvon.
The broken medal links them without reuniting them. This impossible and infinite love provides an opportunity to revisit some great moments of history in this region, prompting so many tales-within-tales: the arrival of the princess Chrodoara who founded the Amay collegiate church, the building of Château de Jehay, the industrial and social revolution in the Liégeois basin at the time of the Independence of Belgium, the Second World War and the accommodation of railway workers' children at Château de Jehay.

Eléonore Ware, an Anglo-French illustrator who decided to settle in the Liège region around ten years ago, has produced a complete work - plot, drawing and colours - which, in a stunning way, blends dream states, history and stories. An ode to the region of Saint Ode and to the beauty of the domain of Jehay!

Help for young talents:
Since January 2011, the Culture Department of Province de Liège has been developing an assistance project for young comic book and illustrated book authors via the periodical

“Page 1”, which presents extracts from works by young creators and authors of comic books and illustrated books. A supplementary step has just been taken with the publication of a full comic book devoted to this highly gifted and prolific young author.

The work is available for €15 at the castle shop.

If you wish to purchase it online, please contact the secretary's office at the following address: