Château de Jehay

Château de Jehay Château de Jehay Château de Jehay Château de Jehay

Tours and Activities

Château de Jehay wishes to share the treasures contained within this unmissable marvel of Liège Province with a broad public. In fulfilment of this aim, it offers a varied range of tours and activities.

The castle, which features architecture that is unique in Europe and listed as part of Wallonia's outstanding heritage, is entering an ambitious restoration phase. During its renovation, the not-for-profit management of Château de Jehay is continuing its mediation work around the domain's three major assets: Art, History and Nature.

We are now offering you a variety of themed tours that are as exciting as they are diverse. Apart from its outstanding architecture, the domain holds multiple heritage assets such as a prestigious collection and gardens as far as the eye can see.

For several years, the not-for-profit association responsible for managing Château de Jehay has also been raising awareness of the wealth of our heritage among its youngest visitors via its educational department.

Teaching Activities:

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Guided Tours:

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