Guided Tours

1. History of an outstanding heritage

A tour that will allow you to explore the whole of the Jehay site.

2. Jehay, the garden as the seasons come and go

Representing a subtle encounter between art and nature, the gardens of Château de Jehay include, among other features, around fifteen listed trees and a magnificent, recently restored park/kitchen gar

3. In the steps of an aristocratic artist

Sometimes intriguing but always exciting, the themes evoked through the artistic creations of Count Guy van den Steen de Jehay rouse visitors’ curiosity.

4. Jehay, prestige of a Collection

Two exhibitions reveal to visitors a fine insight into the prestigious provincial collection of Château de Jehay.

5. Five centuries of history and architecture

Behind the famous checkerboard building’s apparent homogeneity, five centuries of architectural evolution are concealed.

6. A charming duo

This is the story of an encounter between two castles that are listed as part of Wallonia’s outstanding cultural heritage ...